Step 1.
Our first step is to thoroughly inspect your rug. One of our master cleaners will carefully inspect both of your rug's surfaces the top and the bottom  to make sure that there are no defects in the rug.
Step 2.
We pre-test the rug for any signs of fugitive dyes which affect color fastness. If we find any evidence of fugitive dyes that might bleed during the cleaning we will contact you before proceeding. We also have access to Oriental rug experts who can assess any damage and make repairs if you choose to have that service performed.
Step 3. We dust the rug to remove dust and particulate matter trapped deep inside the fiber of the rug which cannot be reached by ordinary household vacuums. An accumulation of dust can cause defects in the rug and make it look much older and more worn than it really is. Using specially designed equipment to remove the soil from your valuable rug without damaging the fibers, we can achieve astonishing results while being very gentle on the rug.
Step 4. We vacuum the face yarns of the rug so that any remaining dry soil is completely removed.
Step 5. We pre-condition the rug with mild cleaning agents specifically designed for high protein fibers like wool and silk.
Step 6. The rug is hand washed which is a very gentle process but allows for thorough cleaning. Again, we check for fugitive dyes, and if they are discovered, we can take different steps, up to and including dry cleaning.
Step 7. Once the rug has been cleaned and any remaining soil loosened, it is flushed completely with cool water which removes the soil and cleaning solution.
Step 8. The rug is groomed post-cleaning using a special nap brush to set the pile in one direction which aids in drying and gives the rug a better visual look once dry.
Step 9. Rugs are lifted into a special drying area so that they can dry quickly and safely.
Step 10. After the rug is dry, it is inspected again. We do not hesitate to repeat any steps of the process should they be required if our inspection reveals any remaining spots or stains.
Step 11. The fringes are finished and groomed. We hand comb the fringes which enhances the beauty of the rug.
Step 12. To prevent future stains, we protect your rug with Scotchgard stain protector. Scotchgard will protect your valuable rug from general dirt and grime as well as water-based or oil-based stains. After Scotchgard is applied, liquids will bead up on the surface rather than soak in so they can be easily blotted up and dirt particles will not cling to the rugs fibers.
Step 13. Encapsulation detergents are applied that cause any remaining soil to be encapsulated and wicked toward the surface so that as the rug is vacuumed, any remaining soil is picked up. This allows the rug to remain cleaner longer.
Step 14. Packaging. After a final inspection, the rug is wrapped in paper awaiting pickup or delivery.