Steam Carpet is aware that water and flood damage are
unexpected catastrophes that require immediate attention.

We have made a special department with an emergency team
available to you as soon as a catastrophe (small or large)
strikes. Steam Carpet is prepared to come to your assistance
during this terrible experience. almost immediately whether
your problem a sink overflow or a burst water main in a
residential or commercial premises.

The professionals Steam Carpet use sophisticated equipment
and expertise to guarantee the highest level of cleaning
performance and protection for your property and furnishings.

Our water, flood and fire damage restoration services include:

>Water extraction and removal

>Rapid drying of carpets, rugs, mats, floors and walls
>Carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning
>Dehumidifying the entire premises

>Mildew treatment
>Garbage removal and disposal
>Removing odors that are the aftermath of smoke and fires
>Deodorizing and disinfecting

Because we have the appropriate equipment and understand the procedure involved in the water damage restoration process, our estimates are accurate and there are no hidden price surprises once the job has been completed.