Soil and stain protection is commonly referred to as “scotch guard” That’s a brand name for soil and stain protection. There are many different levels of quality even within the scotch guard brand name.  One scotch guard isn’t necessarily the same as another scotch guard. We are committed to the highest quality products and services. Our promise to you is to make sure when we apply stain protector to your carpet or upholstery that you are getting the protection from stains that you expect. Soil and stain protection or scotch guard is designed to give you added protection from soil and stains on your carpet and furniture. Once applied it puts a barrier between your furnishings and the soil or stains that they may come into contact with. It’s colorless and odorless after the initial application. One misperception we come across is that it will keep your carpets and upholstery from getting dirty. Not so. Your usage will determine that. If you have small children 2 dogs and cat you’re more likely to have accidents and soiling then say a single person living alone. What it DOES do is provide you a level of protection against the soil or stain becoming a permanent part of your home.  Most of the carpet manufacturers require you to re apply soil and stain protection after every professional cleaning. So our first promise to you is to provide you with a high quality soil and stain protection.