Steam Carpet is an experience company that focuses in residential and commercial carpet cleanign services.

The same expertise, combined with special machine attachments give us the abilty to clean your RVs, boats, and Cars. The basic principle of cleaning your RVs, boats, cars is the same as for the furniture and carpet in your home.

On a regular basis, your RVs, boats, and cars are exposed to the elements, dust and pollen. The carpeting gets dirty and so does the upholstery inside your RVs, boats, and cars. Not cleaning the carpet and upholstery of your RVs, boats, and cars will damage the interiors and depreciate the reselling value.

For better results and maintenance, we recommend cleaning your carpet of your RVs, boats, and cars and their furniture once a year.

It will take about 3-4 hours for your RVs, boats, and cars to dry after being completed and as a result you will have a cleaner smelling transportation.